Sunday, February 20, 2011

I’m bad…

I’m such a bad blogger.  I was going to start posting more frequently starting last summer and we all can tell how well that worked out!  Well now it is February 2010 and Parker is a big boy.  He has graduated from his crib to a toddler bed (out of necessity b/c we couldn’t get him to stop climbing on top of his dresser).  He is speaking more and more every day.  It is so cute to listen to him tell you a story and try to figure out what he is telling you.

Parker is also such a smart boy.  It is amazing to just watch him play and figure things out.  He has such intense concentration at times (much like his Mommy, I’m sure!).  We have been working a lot on ABCs and counting.  He is a bit stubborn when it comes to counting (he refuses to say the number 1) but he does really well with his alphabet.  At 2 yrs 3 months he can already identify almost all the letters.  It is very cute to listen to him speak his letters as well.  To him the letter ‘M’ is ‘Mem’ and ‘N’ is ‘Nen'.  The letter ‘W’ is a ‘double-double’.  It really is a delight to watch him learn and grow!

We are also starting to experience the joys of toddlerhood.  We are struggling to cope with Parker’s drive for independence!  It seemed like just yesterday he was this sweet innocent boy and now everyday we are reminded that we have a two-year-old.  But I really can’t complain.  As far as two-year-olds go I am pretty sure I have the best one!

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