Monday, March 23, 2009

Justin’s Birthday Party

We had a fun birthday party for Justin with family and friends coming over for  a party.  We ate some pizza, cake and ice cream and enjoyed some Rock Band.  Hailey really gets into Rock Band!

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 001

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 002

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 005

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 007

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 010

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 011 Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 012

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 013 Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 014

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 015

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 016

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 017

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 019

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 020

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 021

Justin Birthday Party 2009-03-22 024

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Parker’s Three Month Pictures

Our little Parker is turning into quite the photogenic baby!  Tina at Artiem Photography did such an awesome job and I am amazed she got such good pictures of Parker!

Nelson IMG_0008 Nelson IMG_0009 nelson IMG_0025 Nelson IMG_0055

Maya got some PJs!

Every night when I am getting ready for bed I always say to Maya, “Come on, lets go put our PJs on!”  The only problem was that she didn’t have any PJs.  One day I was at Bow Wow and Woofs pet store in Birch Bay and came across some PJs.  Lucky Maya!  Now she has PJs to put on too!

Maya in PJs 002 Maya in PJs 004 Maya just got some new Pajamas, she's not quite shure if she likes them!

Parker’s first Christmas

Christmas Morning - 03

Santa brought Parker his first rocking horse

Christmas Morning - 07 Mommy and Maya trying to wake up!

Christmas Morning - 09

Parker’s first sippy cup

Christmas Morning - 12 Parker checking out his stocking

Christmas Morning - 25

Daddy with his babies

Christmas Morning - 29 Daddy’s present

Christmas Morning - 46

Maya had to try out the rocking horse

Christmas Morning - 53 Nothing like a Christmas Day nap!

Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve the Nelson and Bliss Families get together to have dinner, play a game and enjoy time together!  It is a fun tradition that we hope continues for many years to come.  Here are pics from this last Christmas Eve!


Christmas Eve - 04

Parker in his car seat next to the Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve - 05 Parker with Grandma Jackie

Christmas Eve - 06

  Parker with Renee


…his shirt was green with a snowman and said “I’m an ice guy!”

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Christmas Party

Parker was certainly the center of the Nelson Christmas party this last year.  He got all dressed up to impress in his red and white stripe pants and “elf apprentice” shirt and met a few people before falling asleep and sleeping through most of the night!  The little guy is our budding social butterfly!


Christmas Party - 01  Mommy and her “elf apprentice”

Christmas Party - 02


Christmas Party - 05 Daddy mixing drinks!

Christmas Party - 06

Daddy with his Mommy!

Christmas Party - 07 …and he is starting to wind down!

Christmas Party - 08 It’s Uncle T and Chels!

Christmas Party - 16

…and you can’t forget Uncle Chet!

Christmas Party - 26 Parker with Uncle Michael and Ashley

Christmas Party - 29 Grandma Jackie’s turn to hold the sleeping prince!

Christmas Party - 30 …and he is spent!  Enjoying some quality cousin time with Hailey Bailey!

Christmas 2008

Grandma Sherry, Grandpa Joe, Robert, Jonnette, Ben, Jacob, Larry, Ashley and Jadyn all came to visit for Christmas.  We had a fun time together and exchanged presents.  Jacob and Jadyn were a lot of fun to watch open presents.



Jadyn wearing Uncle Ben’s hat and shoes

PC270076 Jacob wearing his Daddy’s hat


Jadyn and Jacob handing out presents

PC270081 Uncle Robert opening his presents

PC270082 Jadyn with her new book

PC270084 Jacob opening presents with help from his Daddy

PC270085 A very tired Justin with Parker and Maya

PC270086 Jadyn opening presents

PC270088 Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Joe

PC270089 Jadyn, Parker and Jacob.  Jacob was very unhappy that his Mommy was touching another baby!