Thursday, July 30, 2009

Father’s Day in Seattle

We happened to be driving through Seattle on Father’s Day so we decided to stop at the Seattle Center.  We had never been to the Experience Music Project and Daddy really wanted to go so we figured what better day than Father’s Day to pay the museum a visit?  Daddy loved EMP and in addition to that they had a Jim Henson Experience exhibit and a science fiction exhibit.  We couldn’t take any pictures inside the museum but here are a few from the Seattle Center!

Fathers day in Seattle 2009-06-21 001

Fathers day in Seattle 2009-06-21 002

Fathers day in Seattle 2009-06-21 003

Parker and Maya in the laundry basket!

Parker and Maya hanging out together…in a laundry basket.  Keeping them both contained.  Now that’s what I call parenting!

Parker and Maya in the laundry basket 2009-06-11 001

Parker and Maya in the laundry basket 2009-06-11 003 Parker and Maya in the laundry basket 2009-06-11 008

Parker and Maya in the laundry basket 2009-06-11 010Parker and Maya in the laundry basket 2009-06-11 012

Parker helping Daddy with Laundry!

Parker loves to help Daddy fold laundry.  For Parker help means pulling all the clothes out of the basket and playing with them.  Even if they have already been folded!  Here he is in action!

2009-06-09 001 2009-06-09 001

2009-06-09 001 2009-06-09 002

2009-06-09 001 2009-06-09 003

2009-06-09 001 2009-06-09 004

2009-06-09 001 2009-06-09 005

Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Joe

Okay, so these are out of chronological order.  I thought that I posted these awhile ago but realized I hadn’t.  These pics were taken in March when Grandma and Grandpa Paskas came to visit.  Parker loves his Grandma Sherry and Grandpa Joe!

Grandma and Grandpa Paskas 2009-03-28 002

When Grandma Sherry is in town she likes to feed Parker!

Grandma and Grandpa Paskas 2009-03-28 005 MMMMM…rice cereal.

Grandma and Grandpa Paskas 2009-03-28 010 Grandpa Joe, Grandma Sherry and Parker.

Grandma and Grandpa Paskas 2009-03-28 014 Parker isn’t much for being held for too long.

Grandma Sherry and Parker 2009-03-28 002 Ha Ha, my mom will kill me but this is too funny!  Parker and Grandma Sherry taking a nap!

Grandpa Joe and Parker 2009-03-29 001 Grandpa Joe holding Baby P!

Grandpa Joe and Parker 2009-03-29 005 Grandpa Joe says take the darn picture already! You know I don’t like having my picture taken!

Birch Bay with the Erga Family

Mike, Cassie and Kylie were staying the weekend at a condo in Birch Bay so we went to visit them, eat dinner together and swim in the pool.  Unfortunately, Mommy didn’t think to charge the camera battery so I didn’t get to take any pics of them in the pool.  They did have a lot of fun though.  Here are the few pics I did manage to take before my battery went dead…

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 003Parker and Kylie sitting so well together.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 005 Look at how big I am.  I can sit up by myself!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 006 Kylie talking to Parker.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 007They are both doing so well sitting up!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 009Of course Parker has to scoot under the coffee table!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 010   Kylie trying to figure out how to scoot.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-29 012 Parker says it’s so easy.  Just watch me!

Parker’s first visit to the farm!

Parker got to go visit Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Hale in May.  He had a lot of fun at the farm.  We got to spend a lot of time with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma, see Uncle Bob, Uncle Doug, Uncle Rick and Todd.  Uncle Rick had a baby thoroughbred horse that we got to see.  We thought Parker would be scared of the horses but he wasn’t scared at all.  He even stuck his hand out to touch one of the horses.  Such a brave big boy!

Anytime we go to the farm we always go to USA Subs (can’t ever miss that place!).  On this visit Parker got to sit in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time.  It took him a bit to get the hang of it because there isn’t as much support as our high chair at home.  He bent forward and hit his head on the end of the table and got a nice red mark!  Didn’t phase him though.  That’s our Parker, knocks his head and keeps on going!

Uncle Bob took Justin on a ride in his Porsche.  Of course Justin loved it.  I told him someday he can have a Porsche, just not that day!

We also went out to dinner with Great Grandpa and Great Grandpa Hale, and Uncle Bob.  Another first for Parker…his first time being fussy in a restaurant.  We brought his high chair along so he could sit in it but he did not want to sit in it!  So Justin and I passed him back and forth so we could eat, then Uncle Bob offered to take him so we could finish our meals.  Parker had fun with Uncle Bob looking at the gas pumps that decorate the restaurant as well as talking to the waitresses!  My boy is a flirt already!

Here are the pics from our fun week at the farm!  We can’t wait until October for Erica’s wedding so we can visit again!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 001 Such a pretty baby horse!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 002 And fast too!  Uncle Rick is taking this one to the Kentucky Derby!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 005 Look at how long the legs are!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 006 So pretty!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 007 Parker looking at the horses in the stall.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 008 Parker checking out a horse up close.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 010 Not scared at all…

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 011 OOOH, I see a camera, I’d better look at it!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 012 Told you I wasn’t scared, I want to touch the horse!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 013 Big boy growing up so fast!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 014 Such a nice horsey!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 018 Going to touch the camera!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 020 Parker is having so much fun at the farm!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 021 If I am going to be in any of the pictures I have to take one of myself.  So here I am.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 025 Parker gets a bath in Great Grandma Hale’s utility sink!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-25 027 He doesn’t care where the bath is at.  He loves his baths!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 001 Giving Great Grandma Hale loves!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 002 Smiling for the camera.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 003 Parkers first time in a restaurant high chair.  Such a big boy!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 004I am so happy to be in the high chair!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 005 Right before he knocks his head on the end of the table.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 006 And right after knocking his head.  Notice the nice red mark!  Quick give him the pacifier so he doesn’t scream!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 007 Mommy, thanks for the pacifier but I am a big boy, I wasn’t going to scream!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 008

MMMMMM….USA Subs.  The french fries were as good as they look.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 011 Parker and Daddy during his first trip to USA Subs!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 012 Parker loved playing underneath Great Grandma Hale’s bar stools.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 015 This is where he always scooted to the whole time we were there!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 022 Blanket play time before I take a nap.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 029 Sometimes Daddy’s need naps too!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 030 With Uncle Bob checking out the gas pumps in the restaurant.

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 032 Uncle Bob and Parker

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 033 Thanks Uncle Bob for taking Parker, now I can finish my dinner!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 037 Great Grandma Hale looking stylish as usual!

2009-06-09 001 2009-05-26 038 Uncle Bob and Parker talking to the waitresses!