Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swimming in Lake Whatcom

This summer we experienced unusually high temperatures over a period of a few weeks.  This led everyone to seek out activities to keep cool.  Once again we headed to a body of water, this time Lake Whatcom via the Bliss house!  Parker wasn’t as comfortable in Lake Whatcom as he had been in the swimming pool at Birch Bay.  It didn’t take him too long before he had his fill of swimming but at least we were able to cool off a bit before he decided he was done!

Swimming in Lake Whatcom 2009-07-30 001

Swimming in Lake Whatcom 2009-07-30 004

Swimming in Lake Whatcom 2009-07-30 005

Oh yeah…if you haven’t noticed the trend by now…Lisa isn’t in too many pictures because she is usually behind the camera.  But no worries, Mommy is around enjoying many of these fun activities as well!

Birch Bay

The weather was hot so Justin and Parker went to Birch Bay to visit Papa Steve and Grandma Jackie where they were camping.  Parker got to try out his new swim float that Mommy bought him.  He loved it!



Swimming in Birch Bay 2009-07-25 001


IMG_3855 IMG_3858 IMG_3859 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3865 IMG_3866

Too cute to not share!

Sitting in the front yard 2009-07-24 004

Parker 9 Month Pictures

He is getting way too big!  Nine months already.  Time flies when you are having so much fun.  Once again, Artiem photography did an excellent job with his pictures.  We may be biased, but we are pretty certain we have the cutest kid alive!

The truck in two of the pictures was actually Justin’s when he was a baby.  We thought it would be special to include it in a few of Parker’s pictures and they turned out so great!  Brought a tear to Grandma Jackie’s eye!







He is a cool dude!

Parker being cute 2009-07-10 001

Lisa’s Very Special Birthday Present

Most years Lisa’s sister, Jonnette, doesn’t go all out on birthday gifts.  However, this year was very different.  Jonnette was pregnant and due to give birth on July 10th.  During her whole pregnancy Lisa kept telling her that she would have the baby on her birthday, July 3rd.  Jonnette insisted this wouldn’t happen because it was simply too early as she had been overdue with her first child, Jacob.  Now one would think that since Jonnette had known her sister Lisa for 28 years she would know by now that Lisa is ALWAYS right!  Right?!?

Well, once again, Lisa was right and Jonnette was gracious enough to have our new baby niece, Hannah Elizabeth, on Lisa’s 28th birthday.  Such sisterly love!  Now that is a gift that can never be matched!

Here are a few pics from our first time seeing beautiful baby Hannah on July 4th, 2009 when Hannah was 1 day old!

Baby Hannah 2009-07-04 002

Parker is so excited to be meeting his cousin Hannah!

Baby Hannah 2009-07-04 003

Such a sweet girl!  Now to dress her in more pink and less purple!

Fourth of July

This year to celebrate the Fourth of July we went to Tim and Della’s house in Satsop.  This is their second year throwing a big party (and our second year attending!).  Before we left town we had to stop at Papa Steve and Grandma Jackie’s house to drop Maya off for the night and to take pictures of the three grandkids in their Fourth of July T-Shirts (Thanks for the T-Shirts Grandma Jackie!).

Once Maya was settled and pictures were taken we headed down to Satsop.  We had a wonderful time with Tim and Della and their family and friends.  Especially nice to see was Della’s Grandma Barrett.  She was up from Texas and Lisa hadn’t seen her in nearly 10 years!

Unfortunately we forgot to charge our camera battery so we didn’t get too many pics but here are the few we managed before the camera battery died!

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 002Papa Steve and Parker on his first Independence Day!

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 003 Parker giving Papa Steve some OOH-MA kisses!

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 006 Gabe, Hailey and Parker in their matching shirts!

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 007 Parker enjoying himself at Tim and Della’s house!

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 012 Miss Maddie anxiously awaiting the fireworks show!

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 014Della, Isaac and Grandma Barrett

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 015 Maddie, Della and Grandma Barrett

Fourth of July 2009-07-04 016 Lisa and Della

Lisa’s Birthday

For Lisa’s Birthday she had to work…No fun, huh!  But Justin was nice enough to bring her balloons and other adornments to the pharmacy so that all would know it was a special day!  Thanks Justin!

After Lisa got off work we met at D’Anna’s restaurant in Bellingham for a good dinner!

Lisa's birthday 2009-07-03 001

There will be no mistaking whose birthday it is!

Lisa's birthday dinner 2009-07-03 001 Papa Steve and Grandma Jackie

Lisa's birthday dinner 2009-07-03 002 Lisa, Parker and Justin

Lisa's birthday dinner 2009-07-03 003 Uncle Ty, Mike D and Aunt Kels

Lisa's birthday dinner 2009-07-03 005 Parker sitting so well in a big boy high chair!

Lisa's birthday dinner 2009-07-03 007 Uncle T and Parker are so full after such a good dinner!

Parker and his Biter Biscuit!

Now that Parker is getting the concept of chewing we bought him some Gerber Biter Biscuits.  They looked like harmless fun.  We quickly learned they are terribly messy!  Parker likes his biscuits but they are swiftly followed by a bath and the high chair has to be wiped down completely!  Who knew he could get biscuit in so many places???

Parker and his biter biscuit 2009-06-28 003

Parker and his biter biscuit 2009-07-02 001

Parker and his biter biscuit 2009-07-02 003

Parker and his biter biscuit 2009-07-02 007