Sunday, November 1, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo

We met up with the Erga’s and took the kids to the zoo.  We had a lot of fun although the little ones weren’t too interested in many of the zoo animals.  Oh well…we will try again later when they are older!

Mommy and Parker with Giraffes Mommy and Parker with the Giraffes in the background

Mommy and Parker looking outMommy and Parker looking at Giraffes



Daddy and Parker looking at HipposParker checking out the hippos


Cassie and KylieCassie and Kylie checking out the hippo exhibit

Happy Family with Hippo  The happy family posing on the hippo statue

Komodo Dragon Daddy really liked the Komodo Dragon

Elephant  Elephant

Elephant with tusks Another Elephant

Napping Lions Sleeping Lions

Bear Bear

Parker in his strollerParker in his stroller

Mommy and Parker in boat Mommy and Parker at the penguin exhibit

Penguin Penguin

Penguin ExhibitPenguin up close

Kylie cute as a button Kylie

Mommy and Parker looking at penguins Mommy and Parker at the penguin exhibit

Happy Family at Penguin Exhibit Happy family at penguin exhibit

Mommy and Parker on CarouselMommy and Parker on the carousel

Big Gorilla Big Gorilla

Hungry Gorilla Hungry Gorilla

Sleeping Parker Tired Baby!

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