Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swimming in Lake Whatcom

This summer we experienced unusually high temperatures over a period of a few weeks.  This led everyone to seek out activities to keep cool.  Once again we headed to a body of water, this time Lake Whatcom via the Bliss house!  Parker wasn’t as comfortable in Lake Whatcom as he had been in the swimming pool at Birch Bay.  It didn’t take him too long before he had his fill of swimming but at least we were able to cool off a bit before he decided he was done!

Swimming in Lake Whatcom 2009-07-30 001

Swimming in Lake Whatcom 2009-07-30 004

Swimming in Lake Whatcom 2009-07-30 005

Oh yeah…if you haven’t noticed the trend by now…Lisa isn’t in too many pictures because she is usually behind the camera.  But no worries, Mommy is around enjoying many of these fun activities as well!

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